Grudziądz Research Study

  • Drucken


Research study of the youth educational plans of Grudziądz and the surrounding area

The research project considers aspirations and educational needs of young people of the 3rd and 2nd grades of the secondary schools of Grudziądz and the surrounding area (within 25 km). It was carried out on behalf of the Rector of NCU (and funded by the Rector). The project was implemented under the auspices of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Superintendent of Schools - Mrs. Anna Łukaszewska.

Diagnosis included the youth of the 3rd and snd grade of all secondary schools in Grudziadz, Swiecie, Nowe and Łasin. In total, there were eightenn schools both secondary comprehensive and vocational ones. A total of 2018 students were inlcuded into the research project. In the study there was used a survey technique with a specially prepared questionnaire. It was preceeded by the pilot studies (Sierpc and Lubawa), which allowed us to verify and refine the research tool.
The study was conducted between March 20 - April 18, 2013. Coding of the data took three days (70 hours). The processing of raw data took another five days and the preparation of a report took 4 working days. In fact, all stages of work required the involvement of all the scientific team (6 people).
The collected research material allowed to get answers to all research problems. The potential for higher education aspirations was estimated in the study area. Respondents' plans concerning the continuation of their education after graduation were defined. The popularity of the academic institutions in general, the individual universities themselves and the direction of future studies were pointed out by the respondents. The factors such as gender, type of school , place of residence and place of study and the wealth of families were taken into consideration in the survey. The factors affecting the strength of decision making concerning studies, specific educational institutions and the studies themselves were examined as well. Among them there are courses offer, the cost of study and the prestige of the university.
Furthermore, by using innovative and author's tool the levels of capitals (social, cultural, economic and symbolic) of the studied population were established.
What is more, the issue of competitiveness of NCU branches in Grudziądz in comparison with other universities indicated by the respondents was discussed. The conclusions made on the basis of research material has been positive from the point of the University of Torun. Empirical data also allowed us to identify the main guidelines for the planning of activities and the promotion of university branches in Grudziądz. The collected material will be used for further analysis within the research interests of the team members.
Soon there will be a series of research articles in the journal "Culture and Education", presenting detailed results of the research and the conclusions of the analysis of the data collected.

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