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Promotion of the original method of Dr Filip Nalaskowski’s social projects

The Torun cultural city service ("Music by surprise", edition of 11.01.2013), Gazeta Pomorska ("Do not Mess with the twins from the NCU," edition of 15.01.2013), as well as portal and newspaper Moje Miasto to Toruń ("Social Project of the students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences NCU - course of flirting and seduction", edition of 23.12.2012) observed unusual educational activities led by Dr. Filip Nalaskowski. He promotes an original method of social projects. This method is used by the second-year students of education and social work within the social education course, which is coordinated by Dr Nalaskowski. It is worth noting that these activities have been undertaken at the initiative of Dr. Nalaskowski every year for 5 years. During this time, more than 100 projects have been completed and there  have been nearly 200 notes press on this subject; 2 projects in Poland acquired the status of implementation.