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Action-research in Contemporary Culture

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Grudziądz Research Study


In the March and April of 2013 The Action-research in Contemporary Culture and  Education - Practice and Theory started a new research initiative – Grudziądz Research Study. The aim of the study was to identify the educational market of Grudziadz area and the surrounding towns (Świecie and Nowe) in a comprehensive way. The study included the second and third (last) classes of secondary schools of region, both comprehensive and vocational schools. The study was performed on a sample of 2016 students.
Based on a specially prepared and specially developed survey, the Research Group attempted to find the answers to the questions about: the future educational plans of current and the following year's graduates, their views concerning the selection of a university, its location and the choice of the faculty and the motives which will guide them in the making of these decisions.
Another part of the research was related to the interests of the researchers, namely symbolic capital (social, economic and cultural) and its use in the context of school choice, direction, actions and initiatives taken - as well as a sense of agency and related plans, decisions and dilemmas. The researchers also wanted to draw attention to the issue of gender and its impact on young people's decision-making process.
These data were used for close examination of the declared choices in practical and theoretical contexts: the factors which had an influence on the willingness to continue education at university level, then the criteria for selection of a particular city / town, the university and the faculty and their correlation with the respondents' measured level of symbolic capital. We could into consideration gender and the place of origin (rural / urban area).