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So what then for the summer 'holidays'?


Today there is the current meeting of the Group. We almost always meet at the Faculty of Educational Sciences NCU, in the office of our Leader - Dr. Filip Nalaskowski. We boast an impressive turnout! From the very beginning of ACCEPT, absence by members from team meetings are very infrequent. Another interesting feature is that of every one of these meetings, we can truthfully say that it was a profitable and useful meeting. Unfortunately, our academic experiences are quite different but, nevertheless, we have developed a common rhythm and so we do not waste our time. Therefore, since we started working together, we have been consistently developing. And this is what we want - development.The current meeting will be an important substantively. There will be the decisions taken about our most recent research project and we begin to fill-in the 'content gap' and we'll work on methodological strategies, plans and research budgets.