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2013 Enrollment - there are new students at our faculty!


The most important stage of enrollment ended at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus. This year, Dr. Filip Nalaskowski took part in the work of the Enrollment Committee. The most interesting enrollment occurrences are discussed in the working meetings of our team. So we all look at our future students and their parents who see off their children almost to the gates of the University. It turns out that observing the specific academic phenomenon is very relaxing and informative!
We received information with a real satisfaction that the Faculty of Educational Sciences has just finished the enrollment. As every year studies at our Faculty attracted a lot of interest. This is good news! For the first year of full-time studies signed up 424 candidates, from which 150 were taken. 258 candidates enrolled for the special education, from which 120 were taken. Whereas the social work studies will take 100 out of 234 candidates which enrolled. The enrollment for the doctoral studies is also completed. Since October this year the Faculty of Educational Sciences will have four new PhD students.
Congratulations on our new students and we keep our fingers crossed for them. See you in a classroom!

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