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It is boiling


The heat spreads in Poland, but fortunately we are not growing lazy. We are working in full swing. After a series of meetings of our team, where we built a concept, a methodological draft and an estimate of the planned research. After that we started working individually.
The application form of the research project - the Sonata Bis 3 – is slowly filled with the content. Different parts of the project are formed in various parts of Europe: in Gdansk, Debki, Tuchola, Podlasie and Kociewie, Warmia as well as in London and Paris. We keep in touch with each other and we miss ourselves a bit. Virtually we see almost every day, but now we are waiting for the next working meeting in plenary session, which will take place next week already!
The progress of works is regularly monitored by the specially designed tool in the excel programme that created taking care of details dr. Filip Nalaskowski.
Meanwhile, the most recent data from the latest research project cost estimate, which operates under the working title the Youth of "the lost City":
Number of the studied cities: 16,
Number of the surveyed schools: 263
Total amount of kilometers: 50,331
Publications: 3 books plus articles,
Total project cost: 507 039 zł.