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Another project submitted!


We inform with satisfaction and happiness that we have finished working on a new research project. Once again we apply for the funding of the project from the National Science Centre, this time in Sonata 6 Programme.
We titled the designed research project "Vanguard and Rearguard. Comparative Research of the Centers with different economic, cultural and social Levels as educational Environments".
This time the subject of the study are "the lost cities", ie those listed in the title indicators which for years have maintained at a low level and “the leading city”, who are the pride of the regions in terms of high economic and cultural indicators. The idea is entangled in an educational context, since the main aim of the research is to identify the relationship between the situation in the surveyed cities and education, and to explain how the educational environment is correlated with the specificity of the centers. In addition, we plan to make in-depth characteristics of the young people selected for research centers , with particular close look at their plans and aspirations, current situation and the ways of functioning.
We are looking forward to the success. We deserve it.