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International Research Project


The last few days were very busy and dynamic. We started work on the design and organization of our latest research project: "Youth in Poland, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. Patriotic attitude and identification with the state, and the level of symbolic capital and the kind of studies" We're after the first pilot study, which contributed to the improvement of the research tool. All the methodological issues were resolved. We also have a theoretical background. We are building a network of local coordinators, we reserve airline tickets. In January, the first trip ahead of us.

The second-year students from the faculties of education, history, IT, and economics who study at the universities in Poland, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands will be the subject of the research project. The survey will be conducted personally by our team members and local coordinators in all these countries. We can not wait to travel and work together. Above all, we look forward to the results of scientific inquiry.

What is important - the results of the analysis will be presented in the foreign academic journals; we are striving for academic independence. Systematically and persistently.