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Publications in 'Culture and Education'


We are happy and proud to announce that you can find our articles in the latest issue of "Culture and Education" - 3/2013. It contains articles presenting the results of 'Grudziadz Research Study'. Abstracts of these publications can be found in our repository in Open Access.
It's a big team success because "Culture and Education", which is published four times a year only, is one of the best and most important journals taking up the issues of socio-humanistic field. Moreover, we really appreciate written congratulations which we received from the Editor in Chief of KIE - Professor Ryszard Borowicz. Professor Borowicz always supports and encourages younger academic colleagues. It motivates us to work harder and wants us to achieve even more in the future.

Here are the titles of our publications:
The origin and Methodology of educational Plans and Youth in Grudziadz Region [Abstract] - Dagna Dejna, Filip Nalaskowski, Miroslaw Zientarski
The Phenomenon of Grudziadz. The case of the City without a University [Abstract] - Filip Nalaskowski, Agnieszka Uniewska
"The Rich" and "the Poor" - Youth educational Plans of Grudziadz and the surrounding Area and their symbolic Capital [Abstract] - Filip Nalaskowski, Miroslaw Zientarski
Aspirations and educational Plans of High School Students as the emancipatory Dimension of School Success [Abstract] - Agnieszka Uniewska, Miroslaw Zientarski


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