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Seminar in outstanding company


Yesterday (16th of December) we took part in a scientific meeting which can be qualified as unique. The “Accept” team was invited by Prof. Ryszard Borowicz to participate in the seminar, altogether with almost all of his former PhD students. The meeting had both a festive and scholarly ambience.

We considered the invitation to participate in the encounter as an honor and privilege. Prof. Borowicz’s kindness towards our team is something that we really appreciate, and his care for his students is really impressive.

The meeting followed an orderly plan. First we listened to an interesting lecture of Prof. Michał Krzyżanowski on “The trajectories of scientific career in Poland and abroad” which gave us many comparative insights. It turns out that scholars in Poland have to struggle with similar problems that exist everywhere. Dr Natalia Krzyżanowska afterwards took the floor. Her paper entitled “The History of a certain Sonata” was indeed instructive and led to a lively discussion. As can be expected among those who apply for grants from the National Science Center, the problem of basic investigation emerged. The necessity of proving that one’s project will never serve anyone or any aim seems grotesque and absurd.

We congratulate prof. Borowicz for such outstanding students. We observe with admiration the growing idea of scientific meetings for postDocs. Moreover, we are grateful for the distinction, invitation and … gifs! A short riddle at the end: what do the authors of the 4th edition of “Culture and Education” peer review have in common? Exceptionally, this time we are not among them