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Invitation to the conference


Katarzyna Szymala, a new member of our team, together with The Association for the Support of Education and Family STERNIK, invite to the international conference "Innovation in Education", on the occasion of 10th anniversary of kindergarden and school "Strumienie" and "Żagle" school. The conference will take place on Saturday 8th February in Józefów (near Warsaw). The guests of the conference - among others - are the following:

prof. Bogusław Śliwerski - a distinguished Polish educator

Alvaro J. de Vicente - the headmaster of "The Heights" - all boys' school in Washington

Maria J.Carrion - a representative of "Senara" - all girls' school in Madrid

Ana Moreno - a representative of Institucio Familiar d'Educacio in Spain

Jose M.Barnils - a long-term president of European Association of Single-Sex Education, one of the promoters of the STERNIK' schools in Poland

The invited speakers will talk about educational effectiveness of children and adolescents. They will answer the question how and what to teach in XXI centuary, having in mind employers' expectations. They will present some innovative methods of working with the children that can guarantee a success in education. The voice of Polish teachers working in "Żagle" and "Strumienie" school will be a follow-up to the conference.

More details on www.sternik.edu.pl

See you in Józefów!