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What are we doing during the winter break?


Today we met at the fixed time in our ACCEPT quarter at the Faculty of Educational Studies. We worked hard. The meeting agenda was followed strictly, point after point. The strategy for National Science Center has been prepared. Tasks were distributed and the plan settled. Filip didn't want to use a blackboard. Agnieszka made some charming comments on the past days. Mirek was struggling to stop un uncontrolled outburst of cumulated energy. It goes without saying that the German aesthethics doesn't help anybody. And what about Iwona? She was squinting her eyes.

Half of the winter break in didactics went by. It was a long week.

So we are on our winter holidays. We spread in the neighbourhood, taking a breath. Filip saw a wolf. Mirek disappeared and we missed him. Girls were busy with themselves, pleased to face some ethnografical challanges. The winter entourage claimed for adventures and provoked unexpected turns of events. The principle of all investigation is PASSION. Agnieszka enrolled with passion in some social relations, Iwona was searching the truth, even close to losing her head. Dagna got into troubles with passion - it's typical for her. It was just bit sentimental and close. We just like each other.

And what else? M'c Donalds asks for concession, Kamil Stoch won a gold medal. Spring is in the air.