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ACCEPT triumphs! Dr A.Uniewska and Dr M.Zientarski as Assistant Professors


Dear Sirs

With joy difficult to restrain and solemnity, we announce that today The Council of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, ratified the decision to employ two new persons as Assistant Professors. They are: dr Agnieszka Uniewska and dr Mirosław Zientarski! This prestigious function is not only an individual success of our colleagues, but also our team’s achievement. It signifies distinction and a vote of confidence placed on our team. It is also a payment of the debt we owe to our University.

Above all, it’s a proof that the principle of all investigation is passion and work. We work with passion! Today we are celebrating, but tomorrow we return to our duties. We would like to thank our family members and friends for keeping their fingers crossed. We direct our gratitude as well to secret admirers for their support.

Tomorrow is a University feast. We will thank our Alma Mater for giving us the opportunity to grow.

Congratulations, Agnieszka and Mirek!