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Poland within 25 years – a second “civilisation leap”

With great satisfaction we received an invitation to participate in an expert seminar held in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland.
Dr Dagna Dejna and Dr Filip Nalaskowski took part in the meeting that aimed for a joint reflection and a free discussion on the future of Poland in short, medium and long-term perspectives in the following areas:
1. The legal system and the defense of the rights of the individual: Society or individual? Constitutional values in the age of globalisation,
2. Foreign policy of Poland and international relations: Pawn or king? The Polish foreign policy in the XXI century,
3. Competitive economy: State-owned companies in 25 years – a ballast or a protection of interests?
We are thankful to the Hosts for the invitation. It was a significant distinction which gave us an opportunity to exchange experience and make important acquaintances.