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The spring time

Winter is over, nature and weather are changing. Goździk is also changing. We have one piece of sad news and two of splendid news. Agnieszka Uniewska, who had always been part of our team, left. Her career and scientific development has been slightly changed and thus, what is natural, she moves away from us. Very regret. Agnieszka, it was a great scientific adventure, thank you. Friendship lasts. Doors of the room 23, which is situated in the well known basement, are ALWAYS open.

Good news from the world of nature. We are strengthened by the enthusiasm and energy of young she-wolves. Since this week we are starting to co-work with Patrycja Ampulska and Ana Okuskaite. The first one is a PhD student at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of NCU and specializes in early childhood education. The second is also a PhD student, but at the Faculty of Philology of our University and her interests revolve around issues of national, linguistic identity and national minorities.

Welcome, and we do not expect much from you - you have to be just brilliant!