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Action-research in Contemporary Culture

 and  Education  -  Practice  and  Theory

Filip Nalaskowski (PhD)


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Affiliation, position:
NCU Faculty of Educational Sciences, Assistant Professor

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research interests:
Popular culture, media
Sociology of Education
Poverty and social exclusion as a problem for education

Function in the team:
Coordinating all activities of ACCEPT
Creating a strategy and planning team activities; following projects and other initiatives

Activities related to science:
Expert and reviewer for: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding - ROMANIA and National Centre for Research and Development - POLAND

Author of the method of "social projects" - as an alternative way of training students of social sciences
A member of the board of the scientific magazine: Journal of Faculty of Education
Leader of several research projects
Lectures abroad, including: 2012 Porto (Portugal), 2012 Philadelphia (USA), 2012 Adana (Turkey)

Awards and honors:
Od 2015, decyzją Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa wyższego jest laureatem stypendium dla wybitnych młodych naukowców - obok dr Dagny Dejny - jako jedyni pedagodzy w Polsce.

Badge of Honour for Merit to Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship - Research and Innovation (2012)
Copernicus Award for the research on poverty and social exclusion given by WSIiE in Olsztyn (2008)
Rector's Award for NCU doctoral thesis (2007)

Key publications:
Nalaskowski F., "Publiczni" i "NIe-publiczni" - Zapowiedź wielkiej zmiany. Raport z ogólnopolskich badań studentów pedagogiki, Torun 2013.
Nalaskowski F., Ubóstwo i wykluczenie społeczne jako problem dla edukacji, Olsztyn 2007.
Nalaskowski F., Edukacja dorosłych w zjednoczonej Europie - bogactwo, różnorodność, doświadczenia, M. Saszewicz (red.), Torun 2005 – tłumaczenie.
Nalaskowski F., Zientarski M., 7 Grzechów głównych konferencji, [w:] Historia i Kultura, 2012/2, Lublin 2012.
Nalaskowski F., Poprawność polityczna - Ten Zły, który nie istnieje,[w:] Kultura i Edukacja, 2012/2, Torun 2012.

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Major conferences:

March 2012: ICERI, Valencia (Spain)
Title of the paper: How the Idiot Conquered the Internet

December 2011: In Quest for Equal Rights, Warsaw (Poland)
Title of the paper: The "Philosophy" of the Internet

November 2011: INTED, Madrid (Spain)
Title of the paper: The New idea for Social Education Classes :- group projects

May 2010: New Horizons of Education, Salamis Bay (Cyprus)
Title of the paper: The Condition of Polish Universities - Report

April 2010: New Media in Education, Adana (Turkey)
Title of the paper: Who is a Web-Celebrity - the case of CC