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About Us

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ACCEPT, was established in July, 2011 at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Why ACCEPT? This is the unexpected outcome of one of our first meetings, during which we drew-up visions and agreed on the principles. The originator of the project was Doctor Filip Nalaskowski, who, as a committed leader takes responsibility for the final shape of projects and all personnel decisions. We are a group of completely autonomous individuals, acting under the leadership of Dr. Nalaskowski, but completely free from external influences.

Our research team consists of five hard-working, dynamic and, above all, ambitious young doctors, who are on their way to habilitation and one PhD student, completing her thesis. We are affiliated with the intellectual circles of Toruń (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń School of Banking), and one of us has a professional career in Olsztyn (The School of Economics and Computer Science). Our mission is to work on the development of that scientific discipline which is pedagogy and on the development of our Faculty. What makes us different? First of all, talent, ambition, and above-average energy. We combine our research plans with a measure of bold courage in pursuit of their implementation. We are appreciated and rewarded for current activities and research completed but we want to go further. 
Our skills and talents are complementary. In this respect, we are evenly matched and we perfectly complement one another. Amongst us is a specialist in planning research budgets and all financial matters, from negotiating rates and determining the long-term, longitudinal research plans. There is also a person who is proficient in the use of any modern technology and who specializes in the deployment of the latest technological devices within the projects. These are two of the six pillars of which the group is constructed and, in addition there are specialists in the group in the fields of philosophy of education, culture, POP, the methodology of teaching and widely understood languages (the language of education, media, science, writing projects, foreign languages).


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