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accept 25Working on new research projects, we look to educational reality. What is the most important in science - questions and wonder - are confronted when we consider the possibilities of funding for our projects. This requires modern science. We strive to be the best, because only in this way can we manage to compete with the best ones. We create science which is a reflection of our temperaments and competences. While organizing scientific conferences and research workshops we make sure not to duplicate common mistakes, we fight with bureaucracy, complexities and preposterous stereotypes. That is why, we invent everything new, sometimes stumbling over our own ambitions and ideas. Our goal is, first, to carry out research projects in various fields of interest of all members of the group. This is only possible thanks to the efforts of obtaining funds from various sources. It is the key to success, this is what we do. Secondly, our goal is to actively participate in  scientific life. We regularly take part in trainings in skills acquisition for obtaining funds for research projects. Moreover, we organize scientific conferences, and actively participate in various scientific conferences. We organize research workshops in which young researchers confront their projects with the experienced ones. And what is also worth mentioning, we work on joint publications of the highest level and we mutually support one another in our activities for dissemination of the results of our individual works.

The team is now complete, but we are working on the possibility to cooperate with other  groups or institutions worldwide. Although for an exchange of experience we are looking for partners, not only from the European and non-European countries, we are also interested in our home experiences. Apart from the exchange of experiences what motivates us most are all the opportunities provided by working together on research projects. Above all, we are a bunch of good friends who can rely on one another. We not only work closely, meet regularly at the university, but we are also able to conduct joint and very successful social life. What unites us is passion, hard work and the fact that the roots of our academic careers coalesce in one place which is familiar to us all.


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