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accept 21Our research interests are also, and perhaps above all, a part of an enigma. They are interdisciplinary and extend from the problems of education in discrete communities such as the educational implications of our immersion in a universal, cosmopolitan pop culture and the issues related to the training of teachers through to the teaching methodology at all levels of education (including university level). What is more, in our interest fields there are also issues relating to modern school education, endemic education and social inequalities. The members of our group are also managers of education. They participate in the creation of curricula, organize and coordinate the post-graduate studies and international programmes. Our research projects are, therefore, not mere theoretical explorations conducted in the ivory-tower of the university but are firmly grounds in educational practice itself. We want not only to look at educational reality and describe it, but most of all, clarify, modify and invent it from new. But how?


Motivated by a determination to perfect of our scientific skills - we make sure that the tools that we use are of the highest quality. Studying reports of research which are carried out in the best academic centers we take part in the life of the worldwide intellectual society. Reading the latest methodological publications we seek to follow global trends in this field, and by returning also to classic methodological schools, we learn from the best ones. Finally, conducting our own research we confront our personal assumptions, theses and doubts. Moreover, we regularly participate in training courses about how to raise funds for academic research, during which we accumulate knowledge and gain the skills necessary to function in the reality the scientific market-place.

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