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Application to the National Science Centre


We inform with satisfaction and happiness that we have finished working on a new research project . Once again we apply for the funding of the project from the National Science Centre, this time in Sonata 6 Programme. SONATA is a funding opportunity addressed to scientists holding a doctoral degree starting their career in research. Once again, we face the criterion of basic research and the programme procedure of NSC.
Designed research project titled the "Vanguard and Rearguard .Comparative Research of the Centers with different economic, cultural and social Levels as educational Environments". Planned outlays: 589 244,00 PLN.

The proposal explicitly refers to the previous project: "The Youth of the lost cities". Research centers with low rates of social, economic and cultural indicators in the context of education", but is supplemented by one extremely important aspect - comparative study. This time we decided to look at the educational environments, which are on two different, distant places. "The lost Cities" named as the rearguard and “the leading cities” named as the vanguard, which are the centerpieces of economic and cultural potentials of the regions.
In view of the planned research the following objectives are assumed:
1. Characteristics of "the lost Cities" and “the leading cities” and their young citizens, with particular emphasis on socioeconomic and cultural context, which are critical in planning and decision-making in education.
2. Highlighting and naming links between the situation of "the lost Cities" and “the leading cities”, the condition of school and the condition of non-formal and extracurricular education.
3. The determination of how education is seen by young people whether as a solution and help in unfavorable and hostile environmental situation of “the lost cities” or as a natural aspect of the further development which would be stimulating and inspiring in the area of big city – a leader big city.
Due to the duality of the planned research task, it should be noted that each of the two stages of research will use a different set of methods, tools and techniques.
At the first stage of the research the analysis and interpretation of macro-data (initial data) will be carried out, so the secondary sources.
The aforementioned data are collected and published by the Central Statistical Office. This will allow us to make a wide-ranging characteristics of “the lost cities" and “the leading cities” of the regions.
The second stage of the research is to build the characteristics of the youth living in "the lost cities" and the leading cities” and constructing the image of education in the surveyed centers. For this purpose, the method of diagnostic survey questionnaire will be used.
The object of the research will be the graduates of the year 1997 (students of the first three classes selected for the research project (A, B, and C) in the selected two vocational schools, three secondary vocational schools, and five secondary schools). Tested at this time will be approximately 20,000 students in 750 classes in 250 schools.




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